If you have a requirement regarding your property or simply need answers related to your property management, you can simply open a ticket so we take care of this for you. Our ticketing system is an integrated part of our customer support.

Our new system allows you to ask for assistance or simply keep track of the process of your request.

Once your account is live, you have three ways to create a ticket:

  • Send an email to info@alnourigroup.com from your registered email address, this will automatically create a ticket and link it to your account.
  • Answering any email sent to you by info@alnourigroup.com, such as monthly inspections will also create a new ticket.
  • Log in to our support.alnourigroup.com and create a ticket manually.
  • Call our spanish office on + 34 951 084 265, if your rather discuss your request with one of our team members, simply call us, explain what you need and we will happily open a customer support ticket for you! If you prefer to speak to an Arab speaking member of staff, please call our Kuwait office on +965 676 07707

All these options will create a ticket that will be allocated to our property management team. 

Some of the requests you submit may be quick to resolve, however others may involve AlNouri Group contacting service providers or third parties, such as Handy Man, Electrician, plumber, etc... 

From your account you will be able to keep track of the process of your request, the stages of your request will be as follows:

  1. Being Processed
  2. Pending
  3. Awaiting your reply
  4. Works in progress
  5. Resolved
  6. Pending Payment

You will be able to also follow which AlNouri team member is taking care of your request. 

If you have any further questions please contact info@alnourigroup.com or call us on +34 951 084 265