Once you have bought your second home in Spain, after the title deed is signed, a new electricity contract is signed with an electric provider. The biggest electrical providers in Spain are Endesa & Iberdrola.

In order to create a new electricity contract with any of the big electrical companies a installation certificate is required. These certificates are provided by an official electrician who will certify that your installation is secure and meets all requirements. 

If you have bought a property with Al Nouri Group Spain, this certificate will be arranged for you and we will apply for a new contract by sending all your ownership documents:

Within 7 days the electrical company will install a new electrical meter, and from then the property will have a supply.

Understanding your electric bills

Once supply is set up, the bills will either be monthly or by trimesters. The bills will comprise three amounts:

1. Fixed costs

2. Consumption

3. Taxes

Fixed costs comprise the rental of the electric meter & the power level selected. 

Consumption costs are the direct result of how much electric is used

Taxes are added to the sum of both Fixed costs + consumption

Fixed costs + Consumption + Taxes = Total Bill

Increasing your power supply

If the contracted power is not sufficient for the house, we can arrange for the power to be increased. This is done by visiting the electric providers office and to change the contract. This does have an additional cost that may vary depending on the contract. The increase can take up to 21 days.