An agreement has been signed between Al-Nouri Group with SEAG Insurance Company to ensure that the properties rented and owned by the clients of Al-Nouri Group are secured.

Prior to signing any rental agreement with your tenant, SEAG perform a thorough investigation into the tenants solvency, credit history & background checks.

Their rental insurance includes the following:

● Guaranteed Rental Income - The insurance SEAG guarantees all rental payments. In case the tenant stops paying, SEAG will cover the rent from the 30th day after debt is notified. This repayment guarantee will be paid by SEAG to the property owner until the tenant is evicted.

● Legal defense - In the case no amicable agreement can be made with the tenant, SEAG will cover all legal costs to ensure a correct legal action and case against the tenant. 

●  Liability -  In the case of any damages in the property, the insurance will cover a value of 3.000 EUR to 15.000 EUR, depending on the contract.

COST: The insurance cost ranges from 3% to 5% of the yearly rental income.

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